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Jan and JD are two of the best musicians in New Thought. Combine that with an wonderful ability to tell a story, relate to an audience and weave life and music together –well, your community will laugh and cry and sing out. What Jan and JD do together is magical! Highly recommend….

-Rev. Barbara Bue

“I used to be the (unofficial) president of the JD Martin Fan Club. I bought multiple copies of JD’s CDs and gave them out to people I loved. His music saw me through my father’s death. When Jan came into the picture, I wasn’t sure I could love her….wasn’t sure this DUO could possibly be as good. Well, I am NOW the (unofficial) president of the Garrett/Martin Fan Club, have written several fabulous songs with them, and count them among my dearest friends. Do your souls a favor, and BUY their CDs. Then HIRE them to inspire and enrich your organization with a musical keynote. You will thank me, I promise!”

-Karen Taylor-Good, award winning singer songwriter

‘I Dreamed of Rain’ was the first song of Jan & JD’s I ever heard. Many years ago I was the soloist at a church, and was coming home from a gig in a smoky bar in the mountains on a Saturday night. It was a snowy, harrowing, steering wheel-gripping drive, and I stank like cigarettes and no sleep, and was annoyed and tired. And at 4:00 in the morning, all I wanted to do was go to sleep, not learn some likely-cheesy song for the next morning, which was approaching all too quickly. Well…. I got home, turned on my computer, pressed ‘play’ on the mp3 the music director had sent, and by the 5th note of JD’s piano playing I was a puddle. It still today is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. All these years later, I sing and sing and sing that song, and am in complete heaven singing it with them.

-Marcy Baruch

“For 66 years I stumbled around this planet wondering “What the (bleep) am I doing here? What’s the point? What’s the purpose? What is the real difference between me and the millions of other vertebrates which lumber, lope, and swim around this perfect park of a planet? Then I heard Jan and JD sing “I Came Here For Love, It’s the greatest thing I can do.” I was knocked flat by the simple truth of the line, “An eye for an eye, toothless and blind, we stumble our way to perdition.” Think about it – an eye for an eye simply won’t work. As another one of their songs says, “There’s a better way.” I now believe that the ability to love is what sets us apart and makes us human. Love increases in value when given to others. Love is eternal. One need never run out of love. Thank you, Dear Friends, for helping me to see the truth. And thank you for sharing the love.”

-JC Marean, Lopez Island, WA

“This morning I sang Wonderful World at a CSL here in San Diego. The song was PERFECT. The congregation was grooving and agreeing, and the lyric put the minister’s amazing talk into perspective over and over again. What an abiding pleasure to perform your music, my dears! It’s so infectious, phrases have been reverberating in my head and heart all day since I sang it.

– From Claudia Previn Stasny, San Diego CA

“It hasn’t rained in a long time in our neck of CA. On Sunday, at Unity of the Oaks, we prayed rain. Then Sherry Hersey and Zach sang “I Dreamed of Rain” by JD Martin and Jan Garrett. You see, we were practicing our message “Live Like You’re Dreaming”. And lo and behold…RAIN came!”

-Kristin Powell, San Diego CA

“Dear Jan & JD, Thank you for this beautiful gift of your song “Tell a Stronger Story.” For me the song’s lyrics and mournful, haunting melody are water to my thirsty soul. I was just saying today as I saw my father-in-law (who is dying) for possibly the last time…I’ll take real over ‘pleasant’ any time. These days, I find it harder to endure the way everyone acts as though nothing is happening! Don’t stop…we need you and all fearless warriors to help make our voices heard above the din!”

-Kim Floria, Basalt CO

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