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The Voices! All that richness, all that soul, and the way the harmonies blend and support the feeling and meaning of the songs.  Generosity of spirit is fused with musical expertise, in real time, up close and personal, live.

JD’s piano playing is heavily influenced by Bruce Hornsby, Marc Cohen, Dr. John and Leon Russell, but he can play a jazzy ballad or simple Celtic melody in a way that cracks open the heart. He is the groove man whose signature keyboard sound infuses all the songs, and supports the music and vocals flawlessly.

Percussion. Jan plays impeccable shaker egg, the deepest and meanest groove around, and her tambourine rocks the house.

Audience Rapport

Jan & JD are so at home on stage that even their concerts in a large auditorium feel intimate. They are fiery and funny as well as deep, empathetic, and direct. Their songs are a kindly invitation into the Heart of Harmony.

A well-crafted program

You know how sometimes you go hear an artist in person, and after about the 3rd song everything starts sounding the same?  Not at a Garrett & Martin concert with their wide variety of musical styles & tempos and lively good humor. Their live performances are a heady ride through light and shadow…delightful contours of sound, space, and content…an ever-deepening journey with a beginning, a middle, and a satisfying end.

Every show is fresh and different, custom made to fit the audience and venue, and always features newly-written songs as well as old favorites.

Musical Details

All concerts feature lush 3-part harmony singing……Jan & JD swapping lead, with a high background singer to fill out the vocal arrangements. That’s the basic set-up for acoustic shows, with JD on piano and Jan adding percussion. For a larger fuller sound they can expand the band by adding a rhythm section and special guest musicians, if the occasion demands. Audio recordings and written charts of arrangements can be sent to background players in advance to minimize time and energy required for rehearsals.

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Venues and Special Events

  • Intimate house concerts
  • Larger presentations in theaters and spiritual centers.
  • Featured music for corporate events, and private social gatherings.

They are happy to cook up a special musical gift of any length or size, for any occasion.

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“You both are such tremendous artists! It’s a rare thing for lyrics and music to fly together, and your songs always feel whole that way; a great marriage of word and melody. I send you much love and best wishes for even more success and presence in the world.”

-Mark DeVille Jobson,
Musical Journeys of the Heart

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