Award Winning Singer Songwriters

What can the audience expect?

Jan & JD are seasoned performers who light up a stage with their compelling musical presence, lyrical clarity, and easy good humor. Their speaking style is engaging, fiery and funny, and the songs themselves travel through a refreshing variety of styles and attitudes in the course of the presentation. Audiences relax and open easily into the spirit of profound optimism that runs through this rich and intelligent music.

Listeners leave feeling refreshed, uplifted, and tuned in….ready to meet challenges with a renewed sense of energy, focus, and well-being.

How does it work? Creative Collaboration

Come up with an idea, or a direction, and Jan & JD will tailor-make a presentation for your group. Or you can choose from dynamic topics such as these:

  • The Heart of Harmony: Stay Tuned
  • The Wise Fool
  • Tell a Stronger Story
  • Waking Up, The Open Invitation
  • Just Show Up
  • What Makes Your Heart Sing?
  • No Complaints Whatsoever
  • Geraniums and Second Chances
  • The Heart of Aliveness
  • Football, Music, and the Unified Field

Music and Lyrics

All the music presented in the keynotes are available for purchase. Audiences can take the inspiration home and revisit it again and again.  Their CDs, sheet music, and songbook are all available on site or in the music store of this website.

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“How to even begin? Your songs are like prayers, and so I sing them over and over through my day, meditating on the words, being transported by the music. We are always moved to tears.”

-Love, love, susan and tim and frida

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