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Greatest Hits Songbook is available as a digital download. 

Jan & JD’s Songbook: Greatest Hits, Volume 1. Written notation, lyrics, instrumental tracks, and samples of their recordings for 15 of their most popular songs. Songbook is available as a beautifully printed, spiral bound book or as a digital download.

  1. Complete piano arrangement with lead vocal
  2. Lead sheet with chords
  3. Harmony vocals (when applicable)….often in easy short-hand notation
  4. Lyrics
  5. Samples of Jan & JD’s recordings
  6. Instrumental tracks
Song list:
  1. Down In My Soul
  2. God Bless Us All
  3. I Believe This Belongs To You
  4. I Dreamed Of Rain
  5. Listen
  6. Living In The Heart Of God
  7. Love Wins
  8. No Complaints Whatsoever
  9. One Heart
  10. There’s Another Way
  11. This Is What I Know
  12. Turning Tide
  13. Solstice Song
  14. Spirit Loves To Dance
  15. Wonderful World

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