Award Winning Singer Songwriters

JD does all the engineering (recording, mixing, and mastering) with the care, precision, heart, and stamina of a clothing designer who uses French Seams. This means that the end product is as beautiful and well-made on the inside as it is on the outside. Jan says that JD is her hero in this regard. He studies computer manuals and reads “Electronic Musician” magazine for fun, while she is off teaching, writing, and navigating life as much as possible from the right side of her brain.

JD is now offering his studio and expertise as engineer and producer to clients who are interested in their own recording projects. The atmosphere is relaxed and also highly professional.  With 35 years of studio experience, JD knows what it takes to make a pristine recording and have fun at the same time!  He is a compassionate and encouraging producer who focuses on musical excellence every step of the way, while tuning into to the client’s needs and vision to create a product that reflects their artistic authenticity.

Vocal Excellence, and Acoustic fidelity

As a career singer songwriter, JD knows that it’s important to get the vocals right.  He feels that the voices carry the emotional essence of the song as well as the meaning of the lyric. This is why he owns one of the world’s best microphones, a Sony C-800G. He has other mics and recording equipment that work beautifully for acoustic instruments such as guitar, mandolin, fiddle, etc. He uses a Great River mic preamp and a Tube-Tech Compressor. The recording software is Logic Pro.

JD plays masterful piano and keyboard parts to enhance any recording, and is also adept at programming drums. Depending on the style and feel of the song, he and Jan are available to sing harmony parts and background vocals.

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At the Great Divide Studios in Aspen

Here’s what satisfied clients have to say:

Holy (bleep) JD, I (bleeping) love it!  You and Jan sound so amazing. Just the right depth and tone. Thank you so much.   – Bayard Hollins

“JD, man, you are a (bleeping) rock god! I have wanted to do this project for 30 years. Thanks for tweaking my songs and making me sound like a musical wizard. I have never felt so creative, or had so much fun with my music as when I was working with you in the studio.”
 –  AO Forbes

“JD took my recording project and added luster and vibrance with the finesse of a painter, shading tones where they needed more depth and adding shimmering touches with his studio magic. Working with JD is the sweetest of experiences, stepping into a space of infinite possibility and coming out feeling satisfied with mission accomplished. He listens and hears with great honesty and integrity and keeps the communication lines open for the creative unknown to blossom forth. I can share my album of precious songs with great joy knowing that what I wanted to be heard shines brilliantly through the music.”
 –  Lisa Dancinglight

Teaching Options

“I have been enjoying your music so much. It’s great stuff and should be heard by more. Great writing, clean production and I love both of your voices. You’re real pros who don’t happen to live in Nashville, Austin or L.A. Congratulations!”

-Rick Haltermann, Taos, NM

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