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Jan & JD’s Definition of Harmony

Authentic Voice

Everyone is welcome, regardless of musical or vocal experience. This empowering class is about finding, freeing, and expressing your creative voice, how you show up in the world. Jan & JD are seasoned performers and creative guides who teach with a twinkle, and inspire by example. Coming together in harmony with others is sheer joy, and the principles learned here can be brought into the workplace, family dynamics, and personal relationships.

Singing the Heart of Harmony

Musical and vocal harmony is well-being made audible. Garrett & Martin create a SAFE and extremely FUN environment where participants learn how to tap directly into the very physical and ecstatic experience of singing, becoming a finely-tuned instrument through which the universal energy can flow freely. Don’t miss this inspiring opportunity to learn harmony for some of Jan & JD’s award winning songs.  Participants are often invited to sing with them on stage at their next live event.

Choir Workshops

Geared towards enhancing performance skills and adding lively authenticity to an already existing group of singers. The emphasis is on infusing the music with heart, soul, elegance, good humor, and generosity of spirit.  Each singer learns how to live the lyrics, embody the music, and then share these potent energies with the audience.  The choir then learns how to receive the appreciation as it comes back again, creating a beautiful loop of gratitude and inspiration for all.

What To Expect

All of Jan & JD’s workshops are a feast of gratitude, musical endorphins, personal empowerment, and shared optimism. This a day of fun and high energy inspiration. Expect lively interaction combined with practical tools guaranteed to rocket your singing and speaking to its next level, whether you’re a long time professional, an enthusiastic amateur, or a brave beginner. Join them for deep insights, lasting learning skills, and a collective sense of high play.

  • Tune your life as you sing into your highest intentions and possibilities
  • Energize and embody your gratitude 
  • Learn how to get over stage fright and self-consciousness
  • Lighten up, center down, and extend your musical Chi using key exercises from Brain Gym and the “peaceful” martial arts

Teaching Options

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Dear JD Martin, Dear Jan,
Thank You for Your special! I am here in Germany, Thuringia, and my love loves to learn and sing a lot of your songs. So I try to give same help and joy with piano. Thanks so much, that you make us deep happy with this music. The new harmonization I will sing with my meanwhile 40 years old schoolfriends. It will be wonderful

-With my best regards, Sebastian

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