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Jan & JD love bringing things together: Musical styles, spiritual and philosophical perspectives, and most importantly, people. Both are consummate musicians, performers, and songwriters in their own right, with long and illustrious individual careers. The big magic happens when they come together.

Jan Garrett and JD Martin are multi-award-winning singer songwriters who live and create their music in the mountains of Colorado near Aspen. Both are seasoned performers and creative guides who teach with a twinkle, and inspire by example. They call their 29-year partnership “The Heart of Harmony” not only because they are happily married (to each other) but because they get to write, record, sing, and play their music for appreciative audiences around the country, and beyond. Their music is rich and intelligent, a velvet-hammer wake-up call as satisfying to the soul as it is to the ear…songs to open the heart and refresh the spirit.

Recordings: Together Jan & JD have produced 9 CDs of original songs.  Their music is universally inclusive and uplifting, “A feast of musical endorphins, well-being made audible.”  The songs are a soulful ride through light and shadow, musical styles and lyrical perspectives with depth and integrity, masterfully held together by the language and harmony of the heart. The songs are rich and intelligent, a velvet hammer wake-up call as satisfying to the soul as they are to the ear….Music to open the heart and refresh the spirit.

The Music: Stylistically their primarily piano-based music winds through pop and gospel, jazz, folk, soul and country…..but it’s the rich vocal harmonies, lyrical depth, and their comfortably compelling stage presence that define their magnetic appeal. Jan & JD are all about generosity of heart and soul, artfully wrapped up in musical excellence.

Awards: Both Jan and JD have been winners at the Positive Music Awards (Empower Music and Arts) for many years running. Their songs have received top honors in the Indie International Songwriting Competition, and their album “Already Home” was recently awarded the Seal of Excellence by the Positive Music Association.

Jan short Bio: Jan is a jazz singer with a poet’s soul. A native of Colorado and a lifelong musician, she is a master teacher, wilderness vision quester, creativity guide, and (yes certified laughing instructor who believes that “The chance of a lifetime is to be yourself.” She continues to practice satsang, service, and meditation taught to her many years ago by her Indian guru.

In her musical past Garrett recorded and toured with John Denver and Steve Martin (when he was still doing stand-up) and appeared on the Tonight Show.  She joined Dirt Band for their historic 1977 Soviet Tour and was later listed in the Rolling Stone “Who’s Who in Rock & Roll.”

Jan’s songs have won multiple awards in the world of positive music, and have been arranged, published and widely distributed by Cypress Music, a Canadian choral music company. Her tune “Tenderly Calling” was recorded by John Denver and the legendary bluegrass band Hot Rize, and has been featured in a PBS “Frontline” documentary.

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“What bright souls! Your songs lift us, your voices delight us, and your musicality thrills us. We could go on and on about the details of how fine the lyrics, the playing, and the way they move us. Let us just say that we play the CD in the kitchen and it makes the food delicious.”

-Pat & Pete Luboff, Indie International songwriting judges, and coaches

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“Everyone whom I’ve given your CD to LOVES it…..And loves how evident it is that you two adore each other. The entire package is like 3D love…..”

– Juliana Forbes, social activist and director of “Mothers Acting Up”